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What is a Shoulder Brace? Learn the Easier Way

Want to know what is a shoulder brace? Well, this is your place. Learn about the shoulder braces below.

What is a shoulder brace used for?

A shoulder brace is a medical aid that will help you recover faster from a severe shoulder injury, and also in some cases, it prevents the injury from getting even worse. Types of Shoulder Braces come in a lot of different sizes, and their use depends upon the type of injury. 

(We’ll talk about the types of shoulder braces & injuries later below in the post)

First, let’s look at the basic shoulder anatomy…

Our shoulder consists of three bones connected through fibrous tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

These three bones are:

  • The Humerus (The upper arm bone)
  • The Scapula (The shoulder blade)
  • The Clavicle (The collar bone)

Basically, it’s a ball and socket joint. The shoulder blade is in a rounded shape, and the head of the upper arm bone fits into it. The tendons & muscles work together to keep them in position, and these tissues are known as rotator cuff. 

Ok, enough of anatomy, let’s move on to our next important point of discussion.

What Does a Shoulder Brace Do?

A lot of people question; do shoulder braces really help?

Well, yes, they do.

Shoulder braces are the best aids that help to minimize the impact of shoulder injury, for example, prevention of swelling. And, they also help in curing the injury until the shoulder comes back to its normal condition. 

But, it depends upon the nature of injury. For some of the injuries, shoulder braces are crucial, while others may not require shoulder braces to recover. 

Here are the most common benefits of using shoulder braces:

  • Compression to minimize the shoulder inflammation, and keeping the joint in place.
  • Shoulder braces can help speed up the recovery process by keeping the shoulder joint stable. It’s especially helpful in shoulder instability injuries.
  • They can help keep the shoulder cold or heated depending upon the therapy sessions.
  • Shoulder braces can maintain the regular blood flow in the shoulder,
  • They can also aid in correcting the bad postural habits or maintaining a straight posture while recovering from an injury.

Mark Patinson

January 15, 2021