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What are bed rails & Why are bed rails important?

First let’s discuss what are bed rails?

Well, to put it simply, bed rails help you prevent falling off from the bed, improve mobility like getting in and out of the bed, and also aid in tossing & turning in the bed. “Basically, these are railings you to install on either side of the bed. You can also call them half-rails, safety bed rails, bed handles, or bed assist bars.” These come in a lot of different sizes and types to target the specific needs of patients. 

Even the modern ones come with LED sensors to detect the movement at night for additional safety, and some models come with cool add-ons like storage bags to keep your quick supplements like books, medicines, or mobile phones.   

After that the most commonly asked question is…when bed rails should be used.

Well, there can be different reasons or medical conditions which prompt the need of safety bed rails. 

The common problem seniors or a person in really old age counter is…the low body strength. It becomes so painful to even get in and out of bed when their body itself cannot aid in movements.

The other conditions can be joint pain or muscle pain, which is also horrible and can lock the movement of the patient. In these situations, you might need bed assist bars to make your life easier and convenient. 

There are other common problems as well. 

You might need bed rails for the patients that are on wheelchairs, and face balance and movement issues. Or if the patient faces vertigo effect, which is basically dizziness and it is caused by inner ear infections. The patient faces occasional dizziness which lasts from 20-60 seconds, but it’s dangerous and the patient may fall and get hurt. 

For these situations, bed rails can be a lot helpful by being a supporting element for moving in and out of bed, you can hold them while sitting down on bed, and also while changing sleeping positions.

Now let’s have a brief detail on:

Why are bed rails important?

The importance of bed rails is NOT neglectable, well, for obvious reasons. 

Below I’ve narrowed down a few major key points that emphasize the necessity of bed rails, and tell exactly why bed rails are so important.

Bed Rails Prevent You Falling From The Bed

This one is so critical and not so hard to understand as well. In fact, many people buy bed rails for fall prevention only. 

Especially in old age, falling from bed can be a worse nightmare. You might get an injury too painful to bear, or an injury that would not be recoverable. 

Just imagine the extreme consequences; 

If you fall from bed, you may break your hip bone, get hurt badly in the head, or if you’re going through an injury already, falling from bed can make the healing process REVERSE. You know what I’m saying!

But don’t worry because bed rails are made just for that purpose—to save you from falling, and getting yourself injured real-bad. 

Bed Rails Act as a Guiding Assistance

Let me just explain what that means.

A lot of falls happen while sitting down on the bed just because the patients cannot assist the position of the bed properly at night-times…

And this little safety hazard matters a lot for seniors or the patients recovering from a severe injury because it can directly hurt the wound, or you may hurt yourself real-bad in your head or spine…

That’s where bed rails will provide you with good assistance when sitting down or standing up straight. You can completely rely on them because they’re sturdy, and they’re always there attached to your bed. But, of course you can remove them, if you don’t need them. 

Bed Rails Give You a Sense of Independence

If you’re relying only on caregivers at night-times, that’s not really a smart move.

And here is why.

You cannot always wait for caregivers at night-times to aid you because at times they may not be available, and you might need to support yourself on your own. 

What’re you going to do then?

In those hard times, bed rails prove themselves as solid saviors, and help you get in & out of your bed easily. That gives you a sense of confidence and independence to care for yourself on your own, even when nobody is around you. In old age, that independence is also so crucial for some people because they feel shame to always rely on their caregivers. 

Are Bed Rails Safe For Elderly? So if you’re also one of them, these safety rails are just for you.  

Bed Rails Support in Mobility

Another major benefit of bed rails is to improve overall mobility like, getting in & out of bed, sitting down on bed, and changing the sleeping positions in bed.

That especially helps patients or seniors who face balance and movement issues because their body may not provide sufficient strength and energy.

For them, bed rails are so important because they’ll get substantial support while saving energy expenditure, and also get a great additional reliable safety barrier.

Mark Patinson

January 13, 2021