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8 Types of Recliners: How to Choose the Right Type?

There are various types of recliners in the market. It will be nerve-wracking for you to choose the right type for yourself.

You can have a look at these 8 common types them and decide which one will be perfect for you easily.

Massage Recliners

This type of recliner chair is suitable for leg and back massage. The massage recliner chair features an electric heated cushion that gives soothing massage to back and leg. It also provides suitable lift to the users. Some massage chairs come with an optional heated back cushion for getting the warmth for the muscles and alleviating the muscle stiffness.

Not only this, the massage recliner chair also helps to regulate the blood flow in the entire body, which is a major issue in some elderly. If you are facing muscle stiffening and your work routine is so tight that you can’t manage time for yourself and your body, considering a massage chair is the best option. 

Rocker Recliners

The rocker recliner chair is a chair that reclines as well as swivel i.e. rocking motion around a single axis. This type of chair is suitable for the people facing insomnia, a sleeping disorder in which people face falling on the ground in sleep.

It happens because of the continuous stress and anxiety in life. So, a recliner chair is best suited if you are living in stressful conditions. 

This type of recliner chair rotates 360 degree to give an additional comfort option. Depending upon the model, it can also turn into a full-time bed to sleep in.

Wall Hugger Recliners

Wall hugger recliners, also called wall away recliners, do not lean backward like ordinary recliners. You get a reclining position only in forward direction on its built track. If you have a small living room with compact space then wall hugger recliner is the most suited option.

Wall hugger recliner not only saves space in your room but it also beautifies the environment of your room. Also, it is fitted a bit higher from the ground level and beneficial for the people facing bad knees.

You can easily sit and stand on the wall hugger recliner without any pain. Or to put it on other words, it’s the same like other recliners, except for the fact that it reclines forward. 

Swivel Recliners

Swivel recliners are a bit more versatile when it comes to movement. Usually, they come with a circular base that allows you to swivel them left or right, or in other words, a complete 360 degree rotation. Folks who love this kind of motion that allows them to look around them easily without having to stand up from the chair, choose swivel recliners.

Like other recliners, these also recline backward with an opening footrest for the comfort of the leg and foot. But they need space behind and around them in order to get the best out of them.

Glider Recliners

Glider recliners are similar to rocker recliners, except for the fact that they’re not. Rocker recliners swing back and forth just as a roller coaster would do.

But glider recliners provide smooth back and forth motion on its base. Glider recliners are a cute necessary item for your little one to cuddle or read to them. They usually require space and may feel overpriced to some parents. 

Lift Recliners

Lift recliners are a great way to get assistance for sitting down and standing up if you’ve weak knees, hip, or back problems. Lift recliners come with an electronic motor and with a simple push of a button, it lifts the chair seat at an higher upright position that allows the folks to sit and stand easily.

They don’t have to go through a painful experience of bending their knees or bodies, or using the force to sit and stand when their bodies can not afford that required energy. Lift recliners can also recline so you can sleep in them as well. 

Power Recliners

As the name suggests, power recliners come with an electric motor. With a wired or wireless remote, you can operate them easily, for example reclining the back seat or opening the footrest. But not all of the power recliners are lift recliners.

Power recliners are best if you don’t want the complications of pulling a lever, pushing or manually doing everything with your chair. Power recliners are more comfortable in this regard, but they require regular power consumption.


Unlike all other recliners that require push of a button, pulling of a lever, or the use of a remote; push-back-recliners require a gentle push at the back seat to recline fully. The same goes for opening the footrest. This may not be an ideal fit for you, if you have shoulder, spinal, or leg injuries done recently because you certainly don’t want to put pressure on your injuries. 

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Types of Recliners: FAQs

Difference between glider and rocker?

The main difference between the glider and rocker is the type of motion they have. A glider or platform rocker is simply a chair that moves back and forth with an attached base to the four bars.

While a rocker is a chair with two curved bands which rock back and forth with the help of shifting weight. The curved bands are attached to the ground at only two points. 

What is a glider chair?

A glider chair also called a rocker chair comes with two curved bands at the base which rock back and forth by shifting weight. It provides a relaxing experience to babies and seniors having sleeping difficulty so they may fall asleep immediately. 

How to stop a rocker recliner from rocking?

If you want to stop a rocker recliner from rocking you have to use wooden wedges under the curved bands. Simply follow these steps to make a wedge. 

  • First of all you have to measure the length of the bottom frame. You can do it your own but it is recommended, if you want to get precise reading get assistance from the family member as well. You can also use tape measure for exact readings. 
  • Once you have measured the exact length, cut the wooden piece according to the measured length.  The wooden wedge should be at least 1 inch thick to perfectly hold the curve band. 
  • Also, with the help of the drill make a hole in the wedge at least 1.5 inches from one end.
  • Then place the wooden wedge under the curved bands and follow the trial and error technique to perfectly adjust the wedge.
  • Once you have placed the wooden wedge precisely then screw it with the help of screwdriver.

Mark Patinson

January 15, 2021