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8 Types of Bed Rails: See Which One You Should Choose

Types of Bed Rails, benefit and use depend upon the patient’s requirement and style of the rail. You may even get some cool additional features like internal storage and LED motion sensors.

Let’s discuss them one by one, and discover which one is best for YOU…

Fold Down Bed Rails

Also known as Swing Down Bed Rails, this type gives easy access to the patient to get in & out of bed by simply folding down the rail out of the way. This will also allow you to sit down on the bed closer to the top, and place a wheel tray table near to eat meals in bed. But this requires enough skills from the patient to reach the bottom of the bed and fold up the rail again.

Also, parts of the rail may catch fingers spoiler alert! 

Double Sided Bed Rails

This type is also known as Dual Bed Rails. Basically, you install two-bed rails on both sides of the mattress, and they connect underneath the bed to hold in place securely. You can get these depending upon the size or width of your bed. These are either half in length, or full-length. But, in full-length bed rails, you might need another person to fold up and down the rail to transition in & out of the bed. 

Cross Bar Bed Rails

Cross bar bed rails come with extra horizontal cross bars at different heights to allow more feasibility to the patients when rolling in the bed or standing up to get out of the bed. These feel more secure because of the rare chances of tangling with rails. You simply have to hold the bar that feels easier while the bars would be locked in place tight.

Adjustable Height Bed Rails

These assist bed rails, unlike cross bed rails, come with only one horizontal bar. You can either choose from a legless type, which you can mount underneath the mattress, or the one with the legs that go down straight to the floor. You can adjust the height of the rail as you want, of course as the name suggests.

Some models come with fixed add-ons like a storage bag to keep your books, medicines, or a mobile phone a cool little feature.

Adjustable Length Bed Rails

This type comes with rails that are adjustable in length, you can increase their length horizontally just like a telescope. The main reason for this is you can shorten it whenever you need to, and in the night-time you can increase the length to prevent falling off from the bed. That’s it, that’s the main benefit of choosing this type. 

Support Legs Bed Rails

These come with support legs that go straight down to the floor, and also crossbars to tuck them beneath the mattress—both add to securely hold the rail in place. These allow height adjustment facilities so you can size them according to your needs. 

Legless Bed Rails

These are just like support leg bed rails—but without legs. These L-shaped bed rails tuck underneath your mattress, and a horizontal rail remains out on the surface near the bed for aiding in movements. But the problem with this type of bed rail is you must have a heavyweight mattress, a king-sized or a queen-sized, and a solid bed frame under the mattress. Otherwise, the use of legless rails is a safety hazard because the rails may slip forward or lift the mattress up while you put pressure on them.

Bed Rail Handles

These are great for you, if you need just a little bit of support from bed rails. These are smaller in size, and take very less space as compared to other types of bed rails. You just have to mount them at a single fixed point underneath the mattress, and only a handle will appear at the surface. But there’s one small problem with that. It may wiggle a bit when you hold it for support due to its very small size and low weight bearing capacity.

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Mark Patinson

January 12, 2021