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5 Crucial Things to Consider When Buying Crutches [2021]

I’ve put together an ultimate buying guide on crutches, and that sums up to: 5 Crucial Things to Consider When Buying Crutches. 

A lot of people fall, stumble, and get hurt again due to their ignorance when buying a proper pair of crutches. Make sure you pay attention because these keynotes are responsible for your safety. 

So here are the points you should consider when buying crutches:

Strength or Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity

Crutches basically help you to shift your body weight onto them and walk slowly. So it’s crucial to note whether the crutches you’re going for can actually bear your body weight. Usually, high-quality crutches come with the capacity of 250-300 pounds, and you should select for yourself accordingly. 

Learning to Balance

Underarm crutches are easier to master; but in terms of long-term comfort, forearm crutches are way better. When using crutches, the main thing is to balance your body weight on them. If you lack proper coordination between your shoulders, forearms and legs, you should go for underarm crutches because those are easier to walk with.

But, if you’ve good balance, you should choose forearm crutches because those are lightweight and more comfortable. 

Properly Fit

Usually, crutches come with adjustable height features. Still, you should always check crutches fit on your body perfectly; with your arms and shoulders at neutral positions, you should be able to walk with your body straight. If ignored, crutches can develop other issues like muscle pain or even nerve damage. 

Crutch Handles

Next, handles are the most crucial factor. Make sure they are at a neutral position to rest your arm or wrist. Proper padding is also a plus for long term comfort. Crutch handles can develop a severe pain or restrict blood flow if they are not comfortable. 

Crutch Tips

When buying crutches, make sure not to ignore crutch tips. These are responsible for your safety. Usually these come with rubber material to absorb the impact and keep you stable at uneven surfaces. Some tips may come with spring’s addition; those are a huge benefit for you because springs will also deduct energy required while walking.

Do you know how to walk with crutches? I mean the right method, not the one your neighbor told you about. Read this: How to Use Crutches Properly. It might help you.

Mark Patinson

January 15, 2021