Welcome to the Terms & Conditions agreement page of Medeey.com.

This agreement is about how you shall use this site. Things that you’re allowed to do and the things that you’re not allowed to do are all included in this agreement. If you continue to use our site, that imposes, you have read the entire agreement and you’re well-aware of all they do and don’ts. However, if you don’t agree to our terms and conditions, you shall not use this site (www.Medeey.com). 

For more information on the privacy of the users of this site, visit our privacy policy page.

Here, “you”, “your”, “you’re”, and “users”, either in capital or small alphabet, refer to the people or companies who use this site for any purpose, for example; taking information. 

The use of “our”, “us”, “we”, “the site”, either in capital or small alphabets, refers to this site (Medeey), (www.Medeey.com). 

User Age

To use our site, you must be above 18 years old.

Your Data

You give us access to your data which can be a complaint, suggestion, message, or remark when you send us an email at our provided email address or using our contact us form or any other form.

Whenever you register on this site to use a service using your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, or Google, you also grant us permission to see your public information on these platforms. 

You own the rights to your data. You can always request us to delete your information by sending us an email or by using our “contact us” form. 

But we might store or share your data/information personal or non-personal in accordance with our Privacy Policy statement. 

Our Intellectual Property Rights

Medeey.com owns all the rights to its name, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and its original content. You’re not granted the permission/license to use/manipulate/add/change/remove such rights. 

Moreover, we have all the rights to withdraw or terminate any service, trademark, or copyright without being obliged to give notice to you. 

Advertisement on Medeey.com

We have all the rights to run paid ads on this site to sponsor third-party companies/sites. We’ll identify those ads as “sponsored”, “ad”, “advertisement”, or names like that.  

Special Offers

We may promote local/international businesses, provide coupon codes, vouchers, or attractive discount offers only for the purpose to help our site’s users. However, we are not responsible for the value, liability, damage, loss, or injury these special offers may or may not provide.

Your Responsibility

To continue using this site, here is your role to comply with:

  • Give accurate information about you whenever asked or whenever you use our services so that we can keep you updated and you’ll be able to use our services more effectively.
  • You will not share your personal information in the public comment section or any user of this site, but of course at your own risk. Medeey.com will not be responsible in this regard. 
  • You must comply with all the US laws, intellectual property laws, privacy laws, and all the regulatory requirements. 

Acts/Things You’re not allowed to do

Here are some points you should consider as your don’ts if you want to continue using this site.

  • You’ll not act dishonestly & unprofessionally in any way by using false/abusive language, providing false/misleading information, not respecting privacy, or whatsoever to any of the team members of Medeey.com or its users. 
  • You’ll not hurt the privacy, emotions, data, or information of all the users of this site.
  • You’ll not post inappropriate content like sexual infringement, hate speech against any community, age group, color, political party, personality, company, or most importantly religion or belief system. 
  • You’ll not violate the intellectual property rights of Medeey.com such as using/manipulating our trademarks, names, logos, code, etc.
  • You’ll not reverse engineer, damage, sell, or sponsor the source code of the entire website or our services. 
  • You’ll not falsely represent yourself as a certified/affiliated member/company/community/charity of Medeey.com.
  • You’ll not collect/store/share information taken from Medeey.com without our consent, except for the public information we allow for everyone’s use. 

Copyright Claims

If we ever found you guilty of using our copyrighted content, trademark, source codes, etc., we’ll counter you by using your provided information i.e. email address or telephone numbers. In extreme cases, we have all the right to file a case against you under the US Government Law. 

However, if you claim that our copyright infringement is wrongfully submitted against you, you can counter-email us using our email address or using our contact us form. 

Agreement Consent

This entire agreement serves the purpose of written rules and regulations that express the method of using this site without damaging its users and its owners. 

If you continue using our site, that imposes you agreeing to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy statement.

Mark Patinson

December 21, 2020