Welcome to Medeey.com’s Privacy Policy page.

Here, the use of “You”, “Your”, “Yours”, “You’re”, or “Users”, either in capital or small alphabets, refers to the people/companies who use or take information from this site (www.medeey.com).

The use of “We”, “Us”, “Our”, or “Site or the Site”, either in capital or small alphabets, refers to the site, page or app under the name of “www.Medeey.com” or “Medeey”. 

This privacy policy page explains how we or other users of this site may or may not gather or share your personal information based on your activities on this site. Also, how you can contact us to add or remove your information while using our services.

Please note that maintaining your privacy is in our core values. We will not share or gather your personal information to sell or manipulate it. We might only gather it for business purposes & improving your website’s experience here on Medeey.com only.

See below what type of data we might collect and share (with your consent).  


We recommend reading the entire privacy policy statement before using this site. If you’re using this site in any way that tells us you agree to our privacy policy statement, terms, and condition of using this site. However, if you don’t agree, you shall not use the site. 

User Age

It’s prohibited right off; the users under the age of 18 must not use or take information from this site. 

Data We Collect/Store or Share

  • We collect your email address whenever you communicate with us using our “contact us” or any other form. We might use your valid email address for sending the latest news about health articles, promotional stuff, or tips on living a healthy life if you subscribe to our email newsletter. 
  • Your personal information includes, but is not limited to Your first and last name, good email address, telephone, or mobile number whenever you register or use our services on Medeey.com.
  • For additional purchases of our services or business deals with us, we require you to give us your credit card details for transactional purposes only.


Data Collected by Third Party Sites

Whenever you visit third-party sites using our provided links, those sites might use cookies or other digital technology to collect or store your data. The data might include your IP address, type of your connection & browser, device, date & time, how & when you use their sites. They might collect or store this data for advertising purposes or to improve the website’s navigation experience. 


Use of Cookies

We use cookies and Google Analytics to improve our website’s experience. Therefore, we might store your data like your IP address, type of your browsers, in which manner you use our site etc. We might even share this data with Amazon for earning a commission ourselves. (Not for selling, see our disclaimer page) 

How Other Users Can See and Use Your Information

Please bear in mind: whenever you make a public comment using our forum, your views can be seen by every other user of this site. We do not control it. They might use it for any purpose. We recommend not sharing your personal information in the comment section like your location, mobile number, credit card details, or passwords. You’re responsible for your own safety in this regard.

Change in Our Privacy Policy Statement

We may change/add/remove some points in the future in our privacy policy agreement. But we’re obliged to inform you that by using your email address (If provided). Otherwise, whenever the next update comes, we’ll mention the date at the top of this page. However, you still need to agree to the change/addition/removal in the privacy policy statement to continue using our site. 

Agreeing to Our Terms and Conditions

Before you continue using our site, you must agree to these certain terms and conditions that include dos and don’ts of using Medeey.com. Visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information. 

If you have any questions/objections/remarks on our privacy policy statement, you can contact us by using our contact us form

Mark Patinson

December 21, 2020