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What is a Handheld Shower Head: Know it All Here

Also known as hand wand shower heads, handheld shower heads are a great showering accommodation for elderly or handicaps. With a long rubber hose or a flexible SS pipe, their one end gets attached to your fixed shower compartment. The other end comes with a shower water outlet for a smooth & rainy bath. 

People struggling with injuries or any physical limitation can bathe easily with those long flexible hoses of 3-6 feet long while sitting in a bathtub, in a comfortable position. Handheld shower heads can be especially helpful for seniors, handicapped adults, or folks struggling with hand arthritis. While sitting on a bath chair or bathtub, they can serenely take a luxurious bath on their own while maintaining their privacy.

This also allows caregivers an ease to bathe their loved ones while using handheld shower heads because you can use the hose to reach every part of the body turning it in any direction.

Now, here is a fun fact: A lot of people use these handheld showerheads to bathe their pets because pets can be so messy & fussy like a child, and a long hose helps a lot in there. Well, good luck showering your dog!

Uses and Benefits for Handheld Shower Head

There are a lot of benefits associated with handheld showerheads. To sum it up in a sentence, I would say:

Handheld showerheads make your life a lot easier by giving you the comfort and freedom for enjoying a soothing bath you love”.

Follow along for some interesting points that express the uses and benefits of handheld shower heads:

  • Great for lower-water-pressure areas: Unlike fixed shower heads that only give you frustration while showering in low water pressure because you barely get to enjoy shower there, or you barely shower. Problem fixed: Handheld showerheads work great and almost as effectively as a higher pressure water area. Some units even come with a flow control device that helps to balance the water flow, regardless of what water pressure you have in your house. 
  • Godsend for Elderly: I have already mentioned it above, handheld showerheads are an absolute bonanza for seniors. They can sit comfortably in the bathtub or on the bathing stool, without the risk of slipping and falling; they get to enjoy a soothing & safer bath. 
  • Clean Your Shower Area: With a handheld shower in your house, you don’t have to break your back bone by bending & lurking around with a bucket of water and soap mixture, and cleaning your bathe by using a brush and pouring water. Simply shower water on your bathe area tiles with the long hose regularly and there you have it: a nice & clean shower every day.
  • Good for Saving Water: Handheld showerheads not only provide you with extra layer comfort in your bath area, they’re also environmentally friendly. For example, with handheld showerheads you don’t have to drain all the water while you’re sitting, having a bath, and shampooing or shaving. Almost every model comes with an auto-pause feature that stops the water flow temporarily with the help of a simple push of a button while you get your thing done.
  • Suitable for Every Skin: For sensitive skins, especially seniors’ & toddlers’, handheld shower heads feel so relaxing & soothing as you can control the water pressure & distance easily by yourself. Unlike fixed shower heads high above that can hurt the skin with high pressure water or may make the whole showering annoying with a high-pressure water continuously tapping over your skin.

I hope now you are well-aware of the handheld shower heads. There are many more types, which are covered in this article: Types of Shower Heads. Give it a read, if you want to learn more.

Mark Patinson

February 9, 2021