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Things to Consider when Buying a Handheld Shower Head in 2021

Picking the most suitable shower head for elderly and a handicapped person is prudent and essential. So before you hit the “add to cart” button, following are the things to consider when buying a handheld shower head. 

Follow along with me as I walk you through a complete buying guide on choosing the best handheld shower head for elderly and handicapped. And as a bonus, I’ll share how you can install it in your bath are safely after you buy. 

So, here are the:

Features to Consider while Shopping for a Handheld Shower Head

Easy to Clean

Look for a handheld shower head that is easy to clean. It will save you time for its regular maintenance. The best thing would be if your handheld shower head comes with a self-cleansing feature, that’ll more likely increase its durability.


Shower heads come with plenty of different materials—stainless steel, chrome, plastic, and other metals. Out of all of’em, Brass and Stainless Steel can be more durable by resisting rust & corrosion, and by being easy-to-clean. Also, these look more stylish and nicely finished.


If you want to make showering more easier with handheld shower heads, shop for a lightweight one. Especially elderly and handicapped folks will most definitely love a lightweight shower head, which will be easier to carry while showering—without hurting their arm or hands.

Hose Length & Movement

Choosing a longer hose length can be more flexible with wider and diverse movements.

Easy Installation

Shop a shower head which is easy to install and can fit your plumbing fixture easily without having to renew it. Even better, find a modern handheld shower head which does not require any tool to set up. This will save you so much time & provide you with more comfort.

Shower Head Holder

Shower head holder will allow you to fix the handheld shower head high above so you can use it as a traditional rain-shower. Although it does not seem very essential, there can be some days where you may be tired and want to have a traditional shower bath to enjoy the peaceful pleasure of rain dropping over you—but it would be only possible if you have at least one shower holder attached to your shower unit.

Different Spray Settings & Spray Adjustment

There are some modern designs in the market that allow you to choose between 4-7 spray settings. Different spray settings can give you the desired bath according to your mood and even help you save water. For seniors who struggle with hand arthritis, it’s important the spray adjuster should have an easy-to-turn dialer. Large dialer can be easy to turn for adjusting to the desired spray mode.

Some Other Factors to Consider & Side Notes

Above mentioned points are specifically related to the features of the product you may buy. Below are quick side notes you don’t want to overlook. 

Let’s have a look at them too.

Easy to Use

Buying a handheld shower head refers to adding more convenience while bathing. So it’s ideal for you to choose a shower head that’s easy to use. For example, check if the shower head you’re going to buy has a slide bar feature. Some designs come with a holder that can be attached on a vertical pole to slide up and down to adjust the right size for your showering. While others may come with super-easy dials that let you switch to multiple showering modes using your only hand. Things like these add more ease while showering. 

On/Off Switch

A pause button can help shut the flow of water temporarily while showering. But it should not completely shut the water flow; it should dribble water drops to prevent pipe bursting. Some units come with a slider button to stop the water flow, which might not be ideal for a disabled or a handicapped person. Others come with a push button that feels more easier to use. You should choose the one which feels most comfortable depending upon your requirements.


For the folks who struggle with arthritis may not be able to use a complicated, smaller dialer or buttons. Instead, choose a simple, large button control that takes less force and can be easily operated by the elderly struggling with arthritis. 

Find a Universal Shower Head Holder

Shower head holders come in plenty of sizes and shapes. Find a universal shower head holder that can easily fit because their special design allows them to mount over different size diameters. It sure is a trivia condition, but adds a lot of comfort. It can prevent the fatigue of redesigning the plumbing of your bathroom. 

Flow Restrictors

Some of the advanced units come with built-in water flow restrictor devices to handle the high or low flow rate of water. These modern designs can exert the same water pressure even though you may have a low water flow rate, and vice versa. You can even install a new device on your already bought shower head. If you live in a society where flow restrictors are necessary, then you ought to buy a unit that comes with it.

Flow Rate (GPM)

The flow rate shows how much water flows per minute through the shower head, measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Government restricts using excessive water while showering, that’s why most of the products get a WaterSense label by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A WaterSense labeled product gives no more than 2GPM per minute. You can approximately save 3000 gallons of water each year if you choose an EPA labeled shower head.  


Having a warranty for any product you buy online can be a real peace of mind. The same goes for shower heads. The ordered piece may appear to be faulty, broken, or it may lose its functionality after a very short period. So in that case, claiming your warranty can help you get your money back or a whole new product.

Installing a Handheld Shower Head: Easier Than You Think

Here is a simple-steps process to install your brand new comfy hand wand shower head. You can save some bucks if you install your shower head on your own. 

It’s pretty simple by the way, anyone can do this. You just need the following tools:

  • Teflon tape
  • A plier and an adjustable wrench
  • A soft damp cloth or an old t-shirt
  • An old used toothbrush
  • Your new hand-wand shower head (Of course)

Here is what you need to do:

  • First, you need to remove your old shower head to replace it with a new one. Make sure your water is off. 
  • Wrap your old t-shirt over the neck of the old shower head. It’s for protecting it from damage when unscrewing it. Hold tight the neck with the plier and unscrew the shower head with an adjustable wrench.
  • When you unscrew it, clean the thread with the old toothbrush. 
  • Now wrap the Teflon tape on the thread clockwise so it won’t unwrap while screwing your new shower head. 
  • Screw your new shower head clockwise until it gets a good snug fit. Tighten it more with the help of an adjustable wrench and the plier you used earlier. 
  • Final step, take a lovely warm bath. 

  Watch this YouTube video instead to learn how to install a new handheld showerhead.

Mark Patinson

February 10, 2021