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What are the Benefits of Recliner Chair?

I’m sure you have loved ones of older age at your home and it is the most crucial and tough time of their age. But remember, if you provide them a suitable accommodation they can live whole-heartedly, making the boring old-age period complete heaven on earth. 

Below, I am going to discuss some important benefits elderly people get by using a recliner chair. 


As I have mentioned earlier, comfort is the ultimate desire in old age. Because of stressful and busy years of life spent, elderly people at this stage want calmness and comfort.

A recliner chair provides comfort to elderly people because it comes with soft & comfy materials. The cushioned backrest offers the best soothing and comfortable support to the back and lumbar region.

Also, the cushioned and heated seat cover allows you to relax for hours, regulating blood flow. If you are facing muscle stiffening, the heated seat alleviates that as well. An adjustable footrest supports the foot, and some chairs come with foot rollers for massaging the foot. 

Improve Posture

Body posture is how you hold your body in walking, sitting, or standing. Proper body posture is necessary for daily life activities because it will prevent back problems in the long run.

So, the recliner chair for seniors helps with posture and body positioning. Also, the cushions at the neck region improve neck posture. With a proper body posture, you can improve spine health too. 

Back Problems

In old age, back problems are frequent because the supporting muscles and bones lose their strength and elasticity. The common back problems seniors face are in their upper and lower regions, especially the lumbar region.

By using recliners you get smooth fabric and associated structures that help in massaging and heating that alleviates the muscle stiffening.  Also, it enhances blood circulation in the back so you will feel healthier and stronger.  

Prevent Injuries

Another most important benefit associated with reclining chairs is it reduces the risk of injuries. As you know, in old age body parts, bones and associated muscles become so sensitive. So, at this stage, extra care should be given to avoid back strain or muscle pull, etc.

It also helps people with weak spines and weak knee caps so that they can spend most of their day comfortably. Most of the chairs come with a power lift and fully adjustable options to help the seniors having mobility issues. The recliner chairs prevent injuries by helping in getting up and sitting down. 

Recliner Buying Guide: 5 Key Points to Remember

There are plenty of recliner chairs available in the market for elderly people. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to choose a reclining chair for seniors that will be the optimum solution to many problems seniors face at this stage of age. Obviously, choosing the right fit is not a walk in the park and you have to consider various factors before buying the chair. 

I am going to present you with various benchmarks, and am pretty sure that will help you a lot to choose one of the best recliners for seniors. 


The first and foremost factor you should consider before buying the recliner chair is its comfort. And also the whole debate about reclining chairs for seniors travels around comfort, a much-needed desire in old age. You should keep in mind the following tips for checking comfort level.

  • The recliner should include smooth fabric that offers excellent support and comfort.
  • You should also check for head support and lateral support so that these provide optimum comfort while resting on a chair.
  • The recliner should have a backrest and soft foam padding which is good for a comfortable sleeping position.
  • Another key point you should check, the recliner should be fully adjustable that will help you to switch positions easily at any time.  


Another important factor to consider is the cleanliness of the recliner chair. Before buying check for chair material and it should be waterproof fabric that will increase the longevity of the recliner.

Also, the potential areas should be dust and bacteria-free, and easy to clean. The material used should be durable so that you can easily clean and wipe out dust and spots when needed. 


The footrest also plays a key role and improves the comfort level of the recliner chair.  Studies show that the position of the foot plays a vital role in maintaining blood circulation. If leg positioning and foot is not properly ordered it can lead to fatal diseases such as heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest.

So, if you are going to purchase a recliner make sure the footrest is continuous with the rest of the chair. Most of the recliner comes with electrically operated footrests. So using a proper footrest can improve blood circulation and overall health condition. 


In older age, routine activities reduce to extreme levels. The reason behind this is muscle stiffening and low energy or ability of the body to do work. Also, sitting on a chair the whole day can affect the metabolic rate of the body. You should prefer a power lift chair for seniors having mobility issues. So, before buying a recliner for yourself or seniors keep in mind the following tips:-

  • Standing up and sitting down on the chair should be pretty easy as it will help the seniors carry on routine activities on their own.
  • Also, there are plenty of options and types of recliner chairs that come with a power lift that will help people with a joint problem
  • You should also ensure to check massaging and heating options that can help relax leg muscles that improve blood flow. 


Last but not least! Size is also an important factor you must consider before buying a recliner for seniors. If you buy an oversized recliner for petite seniors, that is no good because it will provide zero comforts to the back, foot, and thighs.

On the other hand, a regular size chair cannot hold a huge burden on the body. So, before buying, keep in mind the physique of your loved ones in order to avoid any inconvenience. 

Mark Patinson

January 16, 2021