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Are Bed Rails Safe For Elderly: Horrifying Answer

Keep reading. The answer might shock you…

While you’re planning to buy a best bed assist bar for elderly, you must reckon these five of the most important things to prevent any chance of miss-hap in the future. 

Are Bed Rails Dangerous?

The risk of injury still includes in safety bed rails, even though they’re “safetybed rails and known as having almost 0% chance of injury.

Let me tell you the dangers of bed assist bars & how you can avoid those happening with you or your loved ones.

You may strangle and fall when your body, clothes, or fingers catch the bed rails. This can lead to a serious fall & several weeks in the hospital.

Also, some of the bed rails with padding on both sides can cause suffocation, which can limit the supply of oxygen to the brain & cause unconsciousness.

With bed rails, you may get minor cuts, injuries, or hurt yourself miserably with a spinal injury.

Some of the extreme cases can even lead to the death of the seniors due to bed rails as well. 

Let’s inquire factors that determine elderly’s safety & also act as a buyer’s guide while purchasing bed assist bars.

Weight Factor

This point is quite obvious, and the most crucial one. If you ignore this point, the results can be terrible. Imagine you falling, and getting a severe injury in the head, or in the spine; when the rail breaks while you put pressure on it without you even anticipating that hopeless situation.

That’s why, pal, always remember to choose the product which offers maximum weight bearing capacity.

Do you need bed rail for Fall Prevention?

If your primary focus is fall prevention, then you must pick the product adjustable in height and length. Or the products that come in full-length, and offer the fold down facility. Otherwise, there’s no point buying bed rail because you may still slide down the bed at night with the half-length rails, or the rails that just come with handles.

Bed Placement in Bedroom

Yeah, I know this may sound simply-weird, but, it’s totally worth mentioning because a lot of people overlook this factor and then an “oops” moment happens when they try to install safety rails in their bedroom. So the thing is…if your bed is pushed against the wall, then you’ll need rails only for the one side. But if the bed is in the middle, or there is a gap between bed and the wall, you may need rails on both sides. See, this is so simple, but easily forgettable. 

Price Range

While purchasing bed rails, you should hover over various products to find the best prices. Generally, bed rails can cost you around 50-150 dollars and the price depends upon the sizes, designs, and some additional features. If you’re having difficulty finding one, don’t worry, below I’ve compiled a list of 10 best bed rails for seniors. I’m sure you’ll find the one you want. 

Type of Bed You’ll Install Rails On

Always remember the type of bed you’ll install rails on. Is it a spring, or thick mattress? Is the mattress heavy-weight or lightweight? Does the mattress have a solid bed-frame under it? That’s because some of the safety rails won’t work with adjustable beds, and the mattresses without solid foundations under it. So it’s better to sort things out before an “oops” moment happens with you after purchasing bed rails it happens with a lot of people.

This concludes, safety rails do have negative consequences. But, if you choose a right type of bed rail & use it properly, the risk factor is very low.

Mark Patinson

January 25, 2021