It’s unfortunate & miserable to see most of the self-proclaimed medical sites being outdated, providing misleading & inaccurate information, and presenting biased & manipulated product reviews just to earn money and not caring about the struggles, pain, and even lives of the patients who consider “them” their reliable source of information. 

In response to that upsetting environment, the idea of was brought forth in January 2021. is an ultimate place on the Internet for the patients in search of expert medical guides, transparent product reviews, and other vital information related to their health & wellness. is run by a team of medical research experts, content creators, authentic, and useful information proven by international organizations. We present you with resources & medical guides that are actually helpful in making your lives better. 

We do not ever take money from the brands to review their products—neither will we ever do that.

All our product reviews are transparent, crafted, & researched by our own medical research team, and later we review them for you so you can make your purchase decision easily without risking your health & wealth. 

Our Vision

Our vision is clear. We want to help patients looking for a reliable source of information online. Also, we want to transform this biased & manipulated review industry into making it as transparent like a mirror. 

See our disclaimer page for more information on how we make a living ourselves through this site. 

Mark Patinson

December 9, 2020